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Welcome to The Compass

A site dedicated to all things spiritual, mystic or religious. Pretty much any belief or faith could be written about here and it will all be from personal experience. Comments are welcome.

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The Dhamma is the living word of the Buddha. This site aims to bring the budding Buddhist into the Sangha.

May all beings find peace.


An archive of Frater 66’s esoteric site. It is unlikely that it will be updated but there are one or two interesting snippets to be found on there and I decided to archive it for prosperity.

The Library

Frater 66’s Library. Many occult books are available to download in PDF format. Again, this is archived for prosperity and whilst it may not be updated any time soon I believe it is still worth a look.


My personal contact/cv/about me type site. If you want to know what I do, what I’ve done and what I can do then check it out. All my main social accounts are listed and there is a handy vCard to download if you so wish.