A Journey Through Belief,
Faith & Experience

My Third EWTN Question

I asked Dr Anders on EWTN’s ‘Called to Communion’ show about dryness and his answer can be heard at about the 20 minute mark in this YouTube video. My thanks go out to Dr. Anders and his team for the care and help they have provided me.
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I have heard of this before, and experienced it many times. It is when the sense of spiritual connection disappears. There is a loss of connection and a spiritual ‘dryness’ continues, for days, weeks, or even months. Pray, meditation and even ritual make no difference. I believe that this is what is known as the dark night of the soul. Many a practitioner will have encountered it. Doubt reigns supreme and no matter what you do, God seems to have deserted you. This is what is happening to me at the moment.
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Mary the Mother of Christ

Luke 1:46-55 I have prayed to Mary. More as an experiment than anything, but it was an honest test, and I was surprised with the results. I asked her to come into my life, something I had never done before and the sense/feeling I got at the time was different from anything I have felt in the past. There was a gentleness, a kindness to her. Christ and God both ‘feel’ different. Mary is full of compassion and love. That is not to say Christ and God aren’t, but the feeling of praying to Mary seems to have those two attributes over anything else.
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My 2nd Question to EWTN

I know that Catholics believe that Christ is embodied in the Holy Sacrament so I decided to ask Dr D. Anders about it yesterday. Here is the answer at about the 22:00 minute mark.
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My Catholic Conversion EWTN Question

My question regarding catholic conversion is answered on EWTN Radio – “Called to Communion“, by Dr David Anders. My question is read out at around the 9:20 mins mark. A YouTube video follows… Continue reading


1 John 4:18 Fear and self-doubt are things I am dealing with at the moment. Is my new found experience to be trusted, which means I have been wrong all my life, or is it just a mid-life phase I am going through. I have pretty much ignored the Bible’s words for 50 years now, only reading it 10 years back, and finally dismissing it as so much superstition. But now I find myself drawn to it like a moth to a candle. Have I been so very wrong?
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The Beginning

1 Peter 1:14 Christ has been calling me for ages… I know this because he got through to me, for a while, about 10 years ago. The problem was that I was terrified by the experience. Don’t ask me why, but it felt like I was being watched over 24/7. I was bad, I was not worth it, I HAD to go to church and believe this and that. It was, to be quite frank, a horrible experience which lasted roughly 6 months before I came to my ‘senses’ and realized that Christianity wasn’t for me after all. Continue reading

The History of Reiki – by William Lee Rand

The history of Reiki has been rewritten multiple times, so for you, my reader, I am reproducing a document written by my Master, Mr William Lee Rand. It is as accurate as can be expected after years of research into a field where written documentation is scarce at best, and non-existent at worst. I have met and trained with William, and believe his research to be sound and valid. Continue reading

On… On… On…


It is my will to continue.

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Life, as it appears to many of us, is sorrow. We come into this world, we experience pain, we die. The cycle goes on with no end in sight and little in the way of reward for our troubles. Yet our troubles are just that… ours.

Our pain, our sorrow, are in us. They are part of us, and just as an infected limb can be cut off, so can our misery be removed. Each and every one of us can rid ourselves of this interminably pointless existence by waking up.

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