A Journey Through Belief,
Faith & Experience

a word

To attempt to describe The Grail is a futile exercise. No words can give meaning nor sense to the concept. To know The Grail is the only way, and, once known, no words are needed.

The Grail is before you, yet you do not see it.

The Grail is in you, yet you do not know it.

The Grail has been with you since the beginning of time, yet you do not remember it.

The Grail can be seen in the smile of a child and the putrefaction of a corpse. It brings the bee to the nectar and the wolf to the sheep. It powers the stock market and prompts giving to the homeless. The Grail is all these yet none of them.

To know The Grail you must be ready. If you are not ready then all the words in all the books cannot show or teach you, they can only guide you. To know The Grail does not mean you have achieved something grand, nor does it mean that you are better than others; it just means you know.

This knowing will change you. It will change you in ways you cannot imagine and it will change you in ways you may not want. To fight this change will only bring sorrow; The Grail takes no prisoners. It brings peace, misery, joy and desperation. Ultimately it brings completeness. You cannot fight it, and, if you are willing, you should surrender to it and accept what comes. What comes is that which you need. What comes raises you up. What comes is a blessing.

To know The Grail is to know Yourself.

To know The Grail is to know Creation.

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