A Journey Through Belief,
Faith & Experience


1 John 4:18 Fear and self-doubt are things I am dealing with at the moment. Is my new found experience to be trusted, which means I have been wrong all my life, or is it just a mid-life phase I am going through. I have pretty much ignored the Bible’s words for 50 years now, only reading it 10 years back, and finally dismissing it as so much superstition. But now I find myself drawn to it like a moth to a candle. Have I been so very wrong?

Christ is consolation and support, that much is evident, but self-doubt is a potent force and will not let me go. I bring Christ to mind as often as I can and the peace is palpable, but when my mind strays onto the days chores, it vanishes and I start to question what is going on with me.

To fear God is to admit ones sinful nature and admitting that takes courage, yet God is merciful and forgiving. I need to admit to myself that I am worthy of that mercy and forgiveness before I can move forward.

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