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Mary the Mother of Christ

Luke 1:46-55 I have prayed to Mary. More as an experiment than anything, but it was an honest test, and I was surprised with the results. I asked her to come into my life, something I had never done before and the sense/feeling I got at the time was different from anything I have felt in the past. There was a gentleness, a kindness to her. Christ and God both ‘feel’ different. Mary is full of compassion and love. That is not to say Christ and God aren’t, but the feeling of praying to Mary seems to have those two attributes over anything else.

My faltering steps toward Mary, for me, prove she is worthy of veneration. I used to go to a protestant church 10 years ago and they don’t venerate Mary, but the Catholic tradition does. I now believe Mary is valid. Give it a go…

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